Picture yourself sailing in lucurious style aboard the elegant 56 ft charter sailboat in the sunny Virgin Islands. Our professional crew will pamper you daily while you enjoy the pristine surroundings and relax in timeless pleasure on board the Good News.

Guests Say

“Sailing on the luxury yacht 'Good News', is the ultimate Caribbean experience. Everywhere she sails, people openly admire her, as is her due. I appreciated that each cabin had it's own private bathroom, or 'head', complete with shower. It is a catamaran, so very stable and roomy. A delight! Thank you very much!.”

- Charlotte

Tranquil and remote anchorages await us around every cay where you could explore quiet beaches lined with palm trees and white sand.

Each charter is tailor made to suit your preferences. So be it scuba diving the reefs, snorkeling with sea horses, sipping cocktails at sunset or a romantic star gazing evening – we will let you decide! For the more party orientated guests, the islands are scattered with local bars, fine restaurants, live music and vibrant night club venues.



Gourmet meals on board Good News are prepared for your personal preference and choice.
All ingredients are fresh and of the finest quality available, so every dish is simply delicious.